Mayde Creek softball coaches surprise players with ding-dong-ditch during period of social distancing

Like so many other sports teams, Mayde Creek High School softball's season ended unexpectedly end due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"None of us expected that before we left for spring break, that's the last time we'll be able to see each other as a group and be together as a team," said player Jazmyn Cameron.

Head coach Jill Voss said the coaching staff wanted to do something special to help the girls remain positive.

"We decided we'd put goody bags together, but we weren't sure how to deliver these goody bags with the six-foot rule," said Voss.

The CDC suggests individuals remain at least six feet apart when interacting to slow the spread of the virus. Therefore, the coaches decided to play a friendly version of ding-dong-ditch, a childhood prank in which a person rings a doorbell and then runs away before the occupant can open the door.

"They came to the door and we waved and told them the goody bag was on the doorstep for them, I think the coaches had as much fun as the girls did," Voss said.

The goodie bags included a coloring book, chalk, crayons, snacks and positive quotes, Cameron said.

"This meant a lot to me with my season ending, because this is my senior season," said player Emily Crooks. "They wanted to connect with us in a way other than video chat."

While the season was canceled, the team bonding lives on.

"As coaches, we're given the opportunity to teach these young women how to deal with adversity," said Voss.

The coaches have also been recommending the girls read and reflect during this time.

“It just showed their love for us and their commitment to us. I truly appreciate them,” Crooks said.