League City couple in Sochi for fourth straight Olympics

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - They have no ties to the athletes, no ties to Russia, but that won't stop a League City couple from hopping on a plane to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics. And it's not their first time at the Olympics.

We were out in the Olympic Park talking to Houston athlete Jonathan Garcia when a couple from League City spotted us and came over to say hi. It just goes to show it's a small world here in Sochi.

"This is our fourth one, our second Winter Olympics. we started in Beijing in 2008," said Shannon Norstrud, of League City.

Shannon and Stacey Norstrud started planning their Olympic journey to Sochi some 18 months ago and they're soaking it all in.

"We're going to about 10 events, so today's the first day we're spacing ourselves out," Stacey Norstrud said.

When we asked them what event are they most excited to see, Stacey said, "Probably figure skating just because we've never seen that yet."

Shannon answered, "The ski jumping. I just think it's insane that guys are going to jump off that thing so I'm very excited to see that one."

The Norstrud's say the hardest part was actually finding affordable accommodations, but they're staying on one of the cruise ships in the Russian Riviera and they say they have no complaints whatsoever.

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