Houston Sports Hall of Fame inaugural class: Earl Campbell, Nolan Ryan & Hakeem Olajuwon

The inaugural class of the Houston Sports Hall of Fame received their rings during a presentation ceremony Monday.

A trio of No. 34s -- Earl Campbell, Nolan Ryan and Hakeem Olajuwon -- highlight the inaugural class.

The rings feature the No. 34, of course, in the colors of the player's team -- Columbia Blue for the Oilers' Campbell, Rocket Red for the Rockets' Olajuwon and Astros Orange for the 'Stros' Ryan.

Campbell's ring is a size 20, Ryan's is a size 14 and Olajuwon is a size 11.

Olajuwon signed his plaque, 'The Dream.'

The ceremony took place Monday afternoon at the House of Blues in downtown Houston. Ryan could not attend, but his son, Astros president Reid Ryan, accepted the ring on his father's behalf.

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