Houston Olympian Jonathan Garcia goes for gold in speed skating

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

SOCHI, Russia - A local Olympian who will go for gold on the ice this week. Speed skater Jonathan Garcia will have the support of the country, and especially his hometown of Katy, when he goes for his first Olympic medal.

It's an Olympic dream years in the making -- from the first time on roller skates back at the Dairy Ashford skating rink to the Winter Olympics, Garcia has earned his place in Sochi and Local 2 was excited to get some one-on-one time with the Katy native and bring him well wishes from home.

"It's beyond explanation. Everything I've been able to experience so far and hopefully the best is yet to come," Garcia said.

We caught the Katy Taylor High School grad on a rare off day in Sochi as he prepares for his time in the Olympic spotlight, racing in the men's 1000 meter long track speed skating event.

"I'm trying to relax as much as I can. I mean it is the Olympics, but at the same time you just need to see it as another day, another race, not get too wrapped up in it and keep your head clear and be able to focus," said Garcia.

When we asked him what about speed skating gives him a thrill, he said, "There's so many aspects of it (speed skating). I love being out there by yourself, especially long track. You're out there in control of everything that happens and obviously for me I just like going fast."

And Garcia had a message for all Houstonians.

"Thanks a lot and I hope you guys get to tune in for my race and cheer me on and thanks for everything I appreciate it," said Garcia.

He will take to the ice at Adler Arena on Wednesday and we know everyone back at home will be rooting on Team Jonathan!

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