Fans look ahead to Game 4 of ALCS

By Sophia Beausoleil - Reporter

HOUSTON - It was a tough loss Tuesday night as the Astros lost Game 3 of the American League Championship Series to the Boston Red Sox 8-2.

Before the first home game of the ALCS, Astros fans received orange Astros' postseason rally towels to use during the game to pump up the ‘Stros.

Fans hung out at the Postseason Street Fest, which started at noon and lasted until 4 p.m.

"Historic moment, and I hope we win today and tomorrow and every day,” said Frank Herzog, an Astros fan who flew into town from the U.K.

"We are very excited, we love Houston, we love baseball,” said Maria Reyes, who is from Guatemala.
Many fans had their predictions.

"Pretty confident tonight. Dallas Keuchel, I'm thinking he's going to pitch a really good game, and we get five or six out of him tonight, I think we're going to be stellar,” predicted John Warrilow.

"Game 3, that's what we're here for, bringing out the brooms. We're going to win three in a row. We're not going back to Boston,” said Richard Benitez.

But as Houstonians watched the Astros battle the Red Sox, the nerves started to set in.

“He’s just got a little restless,” said Barbara Thornton about her 1-year-old grandson who went outside to play. She said this was their first time going to a postseason Astros game together.

Astros fans were also restless, especially in the eighth inning when the Red Sox hit a grand slam, giving Boston an 8–2 lead.

"We're so disappointed, we really want them to win and we were here to cheer them on but it's not been their best night, but we think tomorrow night will be,” said Kay Quenin.

Die-hard Astros fans Jeremy "Goob" Howard and Nguyen Le walked around in their now-popular Astros suits. Howard, a pastor at Westlake Church, said the idea started when he bought the suit, customized it and then met Le, who had a suit as well. The two became inseparable buddies who make it to every game.

"We met actually last year in Boston. We became great friends. We started doing the suit thing. We became really, really great friends this year because he asked me for my pants--to borrow them, and I was like, 'Sure you got it!' One thing led to the next thing, travel on the road. That's what it's all about!" Howard said.

Both are optimistic about Game 4.

"Boston kicked our butts. That's okay. We're going to take it back," Howard said.

But in the sea of orange, navy and white there were some Red Sox fans who had an OK night.

"I feel like right now we have the momentum, but it could change very quickly,” said Gary Smith, a Red Sox fan who traveled from Boston. His wife, Lynne, is well known for her Fenway Park hat, which is a replica of the stadium.

“Amazing,” said Ruben Lopez, a Red Sox fan who lives in Houston.

His sister, Josie, who was wearing Astros gear, said she doesn’t understand why her brother is so loyal to Boston.

"It's a house divided. I can't say, it's ridiculous, we were born and raised in Houston,” said Josie.

True Astros fans still have faith in the defending World Series champs, and now the focus is on Game 4.

"You know what's the best thing to come out of Boston? The turnpike. We'll see you tomorrow,” said Karen, an Astros fan, as she walked out of the game.

The street festival will be at 3:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. First pitch is at 7:39 p.m. Thursday's fan giveaways will be Astros pompoms. Country music star, Tracy Byrd will be singing the national anthem.

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