Welcome back

The Houston sports scene got a couple of guys back who made their mark somewhere else. Both say they are glad to be here and I DON'T DOUBT EITHER OF THEM. I also don't know one and only remember the other a a high school kid.

OK. Here's the deal.

Todd Kalas was the guy hired to replace Alan Ashby on the ASTROS TV BROADCASTS. He was born here when his dad, Harry, was working the Astros games. Harry went on to be the Phillies guy for years and is in the Hall of Fame. Harry is no longer with us but I am told his kid is pretty darned good too. I like that he suffered before getting the ASTROS JOB. Suffer? Yes, he spent 19 years covering Tampa Bay. I know they had some success but he'll be glad to talk about a team that doesn't have a field that looks like a worn out pool table. He will have to get used to talking in front of a crowd.

Brian Johnson is the other returnee. He got the UH offensive coordinator job yesterday. He played at UTAH , is from Baytown, and was a college starter at QB WHEN HE WAS 17. He became a co-cordinator when he was just 24. i was still unloading my sea bag at 24. He most recently spent 3 seasons at Miss.St. He was Dak's college coach. Not that Prescott has had much success, mind you. He has lost 2 games. Johnson leaves the bright lights of the SEC for the Credit Union Field just off Cullen Blvd. How in the world did Major get him to leave Starkville? There is a reason it's called STARKVILLE. Or maybe he just wanted to be close to the drag strip in Baytown.

Glad to have you fellas back where you belong. Now a World Series and a Conference Champion is your next move.

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