Greatest game?

Quite a few national sporting types were calling MONDAY'S Clemson-Alabama game one of the greatest games in college history. Some said the best.

I would certainly put it in a great category too. I would have called it the LONGEST EVER. If the football people want to rank it among the best ever played I would think they might address a first quarter that lasted longer than the margaritas my wife fixed. Of course, the group at our house watching didn't have TV Time outs when it came to the margaritas. If you were watching in the Eastern time zone I think the game ended about 15 minutes ago. I, despite, the closeness of the game found myself thinking the game clock must be stuck. 

I looked closely during the third quarter and the clock had 8:12 left.  25 human minutes later, the clock was at 7:45. Granted the playoff system is better than the BCS but 4 and a half hours for a football game? You hear coaches say all the time "We have to play a full 60 minutes. Sure, but what are doing the other 3 and a half hours?  For years the ORANGE BOWL ranked number one in length but that was do to their world record halftime show. Every kid in Miami was dancing for the TV cameras and when the food ran out in the press box, there were plenty of angry reporters. Missing a deadline on an empty stomach isn't a good thing.

Reporters can miss a deadline now and just shove their print story to the internet side of their company. My CHRONICLE this morning had no game story because the game lasted until the print ran out. The paper, instead of a blow by blow, told the long suffering readers to "check it out on i wasn't sure it was a final on the internet either. GO ROCKETS.

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