Daily Craig: Here's how it went down

HOUSTON - Four American swimmers are the laughing stock of the games. Four guys who told the media they were robbed were telling a big FIB. The swimmers, used to peeing in pools all their lives, did so next to a Brazilian gas station. The gas station attendant took exception and the swimmers (dog paddling) tore up one of station signs. It turned out not to be an Olympic sponsor so the IOC was relieved. Speaking of being relieved, the swimmers next made their way back to the Olympic village. Give them credit. They didn't have to flush valuable water down the Rio sewer.

In the course of going back to their free dorm to later eat a free breakfast they decided to spin a yarn in case any one wondered why they were so late. One of the guys is 32 and a long time Olympian. Did he really need an excuse to stay out late? HE MUST BE REALLY MATURE. He decided to tell reporters his group was robbed. Even had a gun pointed at his head.

Turns out 2 of the swimmers who didn't leave Rio in a hurry got pulled off a flight  that was headed to Houston. An investigation broke out and now the truth is coming out. Losing to Michael Phelps was tougher than we thought it was.

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