Voice stress analyst probes Sandusky interview

Sandusky charged with molesting children

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

CONROE, Texas - A leading expert in voice stress analysis said Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State football coach accused of molesting several boys, was not completely honest in his interview on NBC Monday night.

"You can't change the way your brain works. This is an autonomic response that your body goes through," said Brad Schlerf.

Schlerf is a private investigator and a former police officer.  He owns Forensic VSA in Conroe, Texas.

Voice stress analysis is used in criminal investigations and in some pre-employment screening. It measures subconscious and involuntary responses to questions, and Schlerf said the computer that analyzes the audio can "hear" the difference between true and untrue responses.

Schlerf analyzed the following audio samples of Sandusky's interview with Bob Costas.

Costa: "Are you denying that you had inappropriate sexual conduct with any of these underage boys?"

Sandusky: "Yes, I am."

"I would call this a stress response," said Schlerf.

He analyzed six of Sandusky's answers, and said the first two revealed stress but no clear deception. However, Schlerf said the next two answers were deceptive.

Costas: "Did Joe Paterno, at any time ever, speak to you directly about your behavior?"

Sandusky: "No."

"Number four is a deceptive answer," said Schlerf.

Costas: "Do you feel guilty, as if it's your fault?"

Sandusky: "No, I don't think it's my fault."

"There is a degree of deception in that answer," said Schlerf.

On the final answer he analyzed, Schlerf said Sandusky answered truthfully.

Costas: "Are you a pedophile?"

Sandusky: "No."

"His answer is truthful. He does not believe himself to be a pedophile," said Schlerf.

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