VYPE Live Lineup - Friday 10/15/21

VYPE Live Lineup - Friday 10/15/21 (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Join our VYPE Live crews for these Texas High School match-ups on Friday, October 15:

4:30PM - Volleyball: Needville vs. Stafford

6PM - Football: St. Michael's vs. St. Joseph

6:15PM - Countdown to Kickoff: Second Baptist vs. TWCA | Kick-Off @ 7:30PM

7PM - Football: Cedar Park vs. Leander

7PM - Football: Elgin vs. Glenn

7PM - Football: Vista Ridge vs. Westwood

7PM - Football: Birdville vs. Richland

7PM - Football: Nimitz vs. Eisenhower

7PM - Football: Goose Creek Memorial vs. Sterling

7PM - Football: Houston Christian vs. Episcopal School of Dallas

7PM - Football: Stratford vs. Memorial

7PM - Football: St. Andrew's vs. Oakridge

7PM - Football: Byron Nelson vs. Fossil Ridge

7PM - Football: Episcopal vs. Kinkaid

7PM - Football: Willowridge vs. Marshall

7PM - Football: SACS vs. TMI

7PM - Football: Poth vs. George West

7:30PM - Football: Liberty Hill vs. Marble Falls

7:30PM - Football: McCallum vs. Navarro

7:30PM - Football: Lago Vista vs. Llano

7:30PM - Football: Hyde Park vs. CC John Paul