NIGHTMARE AT THE NET: Richardson Brings Intensity to the Middle

NIGHTMARE AT THE NET: Richardson Brings Intensity to the Middle
NIGHTMARE AT THE NET: Richardson Brings Intensity to the Middle (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)


"You don't want me in the front row," Richardson said. "I'll block your ball, smash on you. And don't let me get one. I'll scream to the top of my lungs."

Richardson is "fire" on the court. A monster, she said. She is the passion behind the Cougars' fight, and it stems for her genuine love for the game.

"I've been playing since the fourth grade," Richardson said. "I just fell in love with the sport. I love the tempo. I love the aggressiveness.

"I don't want to stop. I want to play forever."

Richardson has goals of playing collegiately and professionally. She's on the right track.

The 5-foot-10 Richardson is a versatile, dynamic player who affects the stat sheet in many ways for coach Shannon Harrison. Richardson mostly plays middle blocker, but also sees time at outside and right-side hitter. Heck, she can even set the offense if need be.

This year, she expects so much more out of herself after getting her first varsity experience in 2020.

"My goals are to come out hitting hard and digging any hit they're throwing at me," Richardson said. "Start strong, finish strong. I want to be seen, heard and noticed, on the court and off the court."

While a menace to opposing front rows on the court, Richardson is sweet and thoughtful off it. She uses her creativity as an outlet from her exhausting, aggressive style of play on the court.

Richardson is an artistic individual. She likes to paint and draw. Lately, she's been trying her hand at cartoon characters. Richardson often presents her drawings to family members as gifts, as her own personal 'thank you' for them being the reason why she does what she does and is who she is.

"I'm a very confident person," Richardson said. "My confidence comes from my family's support, from their belief in me."

Her drive is to validate their trust and justify their faith. To make something for them and herself out of the game she loves so much.

"I've been training for this," Richardson said.