LASER-FOCUSED: Mansker has Sights on his Grand Plan

LASER-FOCUSED: Mansker has Sights on his Grand Plan
LASER-FOCUSED: Mansker has Sights on his Grand Plan (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Brenan Mansker has a plan. It's always been that way and that is the secret sauce to his success.

"I got my work ethic from my parents and I've taken it from there," he said. "I was taught at a young age to work for what you want. I went out and got a job to buy my first truck. That truck has led me to other jobs. That's my mentality. Just get me started and I will handle the rest."

The current Willis valedictorian works tirelessly in the classroom, on the tennis court and for one of the most powerful men in the country.

"I stacked my schedule," he said. "I'm taking five high-level core classes as a senior and playing tennis full time. I also am an intern for Congressman Kevin Brady."

Wait, what?

"My goal is to get into the Air Force Academy and it says a lot on an application if I'm the valedictorian and work for the Congressman that I'm getting a recommendation from."

Well, that makes perfect sense.

His goals on the tennis court are pretty simple in comparison to his long-term plan.

"I want to lead my team to the playoffs and I want to go to at least the second round of the district tournament," he said. He could go into politics someday, but his immediate goal is to get a degree in engineering, be an officer in the Air Force and work in military intelligence.

"That's the plan," he said. "Maybe in something like recognizance."

Well, your classmates, coaches and teachers obviously recognize you as a complete star as a student-athlete.