Could Whitfield be the key for Concordia Lutheran's title hopes?

Could Whitfield be the key for Concordia Lutheran's title hopes?
Could Whitfield be the key for Concordia Lutheran's title hopes? (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

The Concordia Lutheran Crusaders are set to enter district play after a competitive tournament and non-conference slate where they went 19-6.

Now, it's for real, especially with St. Agnes also vying for the district crown.

There is a new culture for the 'Saders as new coach Brandon Smeltzer tries his hand at grasping a coveted TAPPS State Title.

While Sophie Keene (Baylor-commit) gets much of the attention, the play of senior outside Sydney Whitfield could determine how far the Crusaders ultimately go.

The Liberty-commit is a big-time talent, who is ready to emerge as a superstar after her first three seasons at Concordia Lutheran.

"Whitfield is a stud and has a whip of an arm," Smeltzer said. "She's so athletic."

With over 110 kills so far, Whitfield is on the cusp.

VYPE caught up with the senior to talk shop.

VYPE: What's is something off the wall that people might not know about you?

WHITFIELD: I'm obsessed with trucks. Like a white, lifted, F-150, yeah. I wouldn't drive it but I wish I had a boyfriend who drove one.

VYPE: It's already your senior year, what's the plan?

WHITFIELD: I'm excited how our new coach uses me. I feel like I'm working on leadership. I want to just continue to get better and grow as a teammate as I get ready for college.

VYPE: What have you improved on most over the year?

WHITFIELD: During the club season, I just worked on my shots as much as a I could. Also, my vertical jump.

VYPE: Liberty is in Virginia. What did you love about the school?

WHITFIELD: I'm just ready for a different scene, you know? I loved the coaches and the atmosphere was so welcoming. It's a great fit.


VYPE: Concordia Lutheran has been so close. What will it take to win state?

WHITFIELD: Everybody wants to win state, right? We've been there before and we wanted it, but the other team wanted it more. It's that simple. We have to want it more.