THE 411: Foster's Waldrop Happy Proving Doubters Wrong

THE 411: Foster's Waldrop Happy Proving Doubters Wrong
THE 411: Foster's Waldrop Happy Proving Doubters Wrong (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)


She almost has no other choice.

Standing 5-foot-9, Waldrop is undersized for a middle. Therefore, she is often underestimated by others. But she is quicker and more agile than her taller opponents, so the element of surprise is often on her side.

"I can jump up right in front of the hitter and block them unexpectedly," Waldrop said. "Being underestimated really pushes me to work hard and prove people wrong."

Waldrop led the Falcons with 51 blocks last season, adding 57 kills and four aces.

The senior, who loves playing volleyball because of all the positive energy and friendships created, talked more with VYPE.

VYPE: What are your expectations for your team and yourself this year?

WALDROP: I expect my team and myself to walk and play with confidence. Certain teams can be intimidating and tough competitors, but as long as we play our best and stay focused on coming out on top, we can do it. We can't be scared or doubtful of competition.

VYPE: What is your pregame routine?

WALDROP: Despite country (music) being my favorite genre, I never listen to it before a game because it does not prepare me mentally. I usually listen to the "beast mode" playlist on Spotify. I eat a Chick-fil-A sandwich with fruit and a chocolate chip cookie. I also do my signature hairstyle, which is two braids that lead into a ponytail or a bun. And then right before we warm up, I do some jump rope to get my legs nice and juiced up for some vertical action.

VYPE: What is something people don't know about you?

WALDROP: A lot of people don't realize how competitive I really am. I try to hide it with new people, because I can be way too competitive to the point where I am scary. But it's always a misunderstanding, because I'm very friendly and sweet. Just a tad bit too competitive!

3 Things to Watch: Foster

WANTED — REGIONAL TOURNEY: Foster is hungry to get back to the Class 5A Regional Tournament. The Falcons made it in 2018 but have fallen in the Area Round of the playoffs each of the last two seasons. The team motto this season is "Whatever it Takes".

LOOK OUT FOR K.J.: Junior outside hitter Koryn Johnson could be the next big Falcons star. She totaled 92 kills with 92 digs last season and is the team's top returning attacker.

VASQUEZ A DIFFERENCE-MAKER: Senior outside hitter/defensive specialist Kalani Vasquez is another key playmaker after compiling 19 aces and 142 digs last season, a perfect complement to Johnson and senior middle Elizabeth Waldrop.