Recruit of the week: Frisco Reedy's Makayla Cox

Recruit of the week: Frisco Reedy's Makayla Cox
Recruit of the week: Frisco Reedy's Makayla Cox (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

The Reedy Lady Lions have outscored their opponents by 45 runs so far this season as they've posted an 11-4 record. One of the keys to Reedy's big wins over the likes of Frisco Memorial, Lebanon Trail, Frisco Liberty is sophomore standout pitcher Makayla Cox.

Cox pitched 14 innings as the Lady Lions went 2-0 last week in a 3-0 win over Frisco Centennial and a 5-2 win over Friso Heritage. She allowed only 12 hits while sitting down 18 batters posting a 1.000 era on the week. This season, Cox has pitched for a total of 94.2 innings recording nine wins.

At the plate, Cox has hit two home runs, six doubles, 10 singles, and tallied rbis. She has also accounted for 10 runs. The secret to her success, some might ask: "Doing something every day to get better," said Cox in an interview with VYPE DFW. "I hit every day outside of practice to make sure I am ready for the next game." As far as the team's success goes, Cox chalks it all up to having excellent camaraderie. "We all get along and we have a special bond with our coaches," Cox added.

Staying Focused:

With a drive to stay on top of her game and always ready, Cox used last year's shortened season to do the same. "I stayed focused [during quarantine] by working on my craft every day. We didn't know when we were going to play softball again, so I took every opportunity I had to practice. I would spend two hours in my garage every day working out and getting reps."

Cox's goal this season has been to challenge herself in the face of adversity. "I am the only pitcher for Reedy, so I wanted to focus on dealing with challenges on the mound and being the best teammate that I can be." To her, a successful season is completely selfless. "Doing the best I can do to make my team successful," said Cox. "As a team, we would love the opportunity to compete and make a deep run in playoffs.


What has been your favorite memory playing for Reedy?
"My favorite memory playing for Reedy was when we played Keller last year in the Forney Tournament. Keller was ranked #1 in the area in 6A and had amazing players. Our goal was to play out best and we definitely did. We hit five home runs as a team and we won the game."

As an uncommitted athlete, what are you looking for in a college program?
"I am looking for a program that will meet my needs as an athlete and a student. I want to be in a program that will challenge me and continue my growth as a competitor."

What do you want to major in in college?
"I want to major in either Kinesiology or Chemistry in college."

Who is your favorite baseball team?
"The Chicago Cubs."

"Who do you compare your playing style to or look up to as an athlete?
"I look up to Matty Moss as an athlete because she was so enthusiastic on the mound. She always celebrated her teammates' successes and never stopped smiling."

If you could go to dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? What would you talk about?
"I would go to dinner with David Ortiz because he has been my favorite baseball player since I could talk. I think we would talk about how he gained success and what advice he might have for me."