GCCISD Spring Magazine: The 411-Vantasia Harmon presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors

GCCISD Spring Magazine: The 411-Vantasia Harmon presented by Academy Sports + Outdoors (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Baytown Lee's Vantasia Harmon has found a home in Baytown after moving over from Lafayette, Louisiana in the eighth grade. She brought her track shoes with her across the Sabine River and is now leaving her legacy on the Gander track and field program.

Harmon recently set a school record in the 200-meters with a personal best of 26.82 in a meet in Anahuac. She looks to build on her resume as the season continues.

VYPE caught up with the speedster in the Spring to get inside the mind of one of the fastest kids in the city.

VYPE: Who has been your inspiration for track and field?

HARMON: "It has to be my sister. I've always looked up to her. She ran in high school and I just wanted to be like her. I started running in middle school and I was pretty good. I just kept going with it and here I am. I'm trying to do this in college."

VYPE: Outside of track and field, what else peaks your interests?

HARMON: "I love hanging out with friends. I'm also into doing hair. I'm pretty good at it. I do it for my friends and sometimes I charge. I can braid and everything. I could make it a business at some point."

VYPE: What's your favorite meal?

HARMON: "Remember, I'm from Louisiana. I'm all about red beans and crawfish. Really, any kind of seafood."

VYPE: What's the goal for this season?

HARMON: "Winning. That's it. I'm trying to get all of my times down and we want to win district as a team. I'm trying to lead this team to do that. It all starts in practice. We have to work hard in everything we do and that includes practice."

VYPE: In your downtime, who do you listen to and what do you watch on Netflix?

HARMON: "I love to listen to J. Cole to relax. As far as what I watch? Ohhh, it's The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries."


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