Varsity Hype Joins Forces With TAPPS

Varsity Hype Joins Forces With TAPPS (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

HOUSTON: Varsity Hype (a VYPE Media Company) is a cloud-based platform empowering students, coaches and instructors, and organizations to level the playing field through technology, which will be partnering with the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) as the leagues' Virtual Event provider in the Arts, Academic, and Extracurricular space.

Varsity Hype will host all of TAPPS' Spring Art Championships across all of its divisions on its platform. The Varsity Hype Arts interface will help TAPPS execute its events, manage all of the event participants and their schools, as well as judge everything to virtually crown state champions across all of its art, academic, and extracurricular events.

This partnership will allow TAPPS to bring a new age solution to their Arts, Academic, and Extracurricular competitions as well as give each school in the league the ability to interact with the Varsity Hype ecosystem. Varsity Hype and TAPPS have worked together to create a robust solution that will not only help the TAPPS' schools operate during the Covid pandemic but enhance their experience once life is back to normal.

"Our organization could not be more excited to be part of such a great organization and help the TAPPS schools across Texas. Our company was founded on helping organizations level the playing field and nothing brings us more joy than to be able to bring our tech to the non-athletic space. We aim to help to help the student on and off the field." says Varsity Hype CEO Jorge Ortiz.

Varsity Hype not only has an arts and extracurricular product but also provides an ecosystem for students, athletes, parents, fans, coaches and managers, teachers, teams, leagues, and schools to interact with all of their video, picture, and audio content.

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools is the biggest private school league in the United States and covers the entire state of Texas. TAPPS consists of a total of 244 private schools that range from high school only to K-12 institutions.

Further Notes:

Varsity Hype was founded in Houston, TX to challenge the status quo in the student video sector. We built our products with the mindset that the perfect video, content, and analytics platform should be uncomplicated, accessible, and affordable. Varsity Hype prioritizes delivering a solution to every sport, art activity, academic activity and extracurricular activity a student might participate in at every level without sacrificing functionality or costing a stadium full of money. Period.

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