Athlete Training + Health offers HS Student Training

Athlete Training + Health offers HS Student Training
Athlete Training + Health offers HS Student Training (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Training for student athletes goes well beyond the time they spend during the school day on campus. For many, training on their own personal time has become a key factor in the long-term development and eventual success they see on the fields or courts.

At Athlete Training + Health, this type of training for high school athletes – ages 14-18 – is offered as part of their Student ATHlete program. This program is for ages 8-18 and is beneficial for all sports from swimming, to volleyball, to football and beyond.

Athletes are evaluated and grouped by developmental age, movement ability and exercise competency. Once in the program, ATH's expert coaches focus on athletic advancement in linear speed, multi-directional movement, coordination, power, flexibility, and strength and conditioning. Athletes receive ongoing evaluations and are moved between age groups accordingly.

"It's just making me a better overall athlete with all the trainers here, they've really taught me a lot," one athlete said.

The training doesn't just focus on the performance side but also the health side.

"We are setting up these kids for success not only on the turf and weight room but also in the classroom as well," ATH performance coach Rae Wells said.

When VYPE was on-hand for a training session, athletes stated the training program has helped with power, strength and speed as some of the benefits they have seen.