VYPE Q&A: Denton Guyer RB BJ Phillips is hungry

VYPE Q&A: Denton Guyer RB BJ Phillips is hungry
VYPE Q&A: Denton Guyer RB BJ Phillips is hungry (Copyright (c) 2020 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Denton Guyer junior running back BJ Phillips has known he was going to be a stud from an early age. His stats this season prove himself right.

Phillips leads the Wildcats with 1,132 yards rushing (6.3 ypc), 19 TDs, and six 100+ yard games in the 2020 season. He also has helped Guyer into the Area round of the 6A-II playoffs and has bigger goals on his mind. Phillips was a winner of the VYPE DFW Player of the Week Fan Poll earlier this season, and has been nominated several other times.

VYPE sat down with BJ to get to know a little more about the man behind the pads.

VYPE: When did you first realize that football was going to be a sport you love and excel in?

BJ: I knew I was going to excel and love the game of football when I was about 6 years old. There was something about suiting up and the feeling I'd get before a game that made me love it.

VYPE: Growing up, did you always play RB? Or did you move around on the field?

BJ: When I was younger, I moved around to ever skilled position, but very few know that I played QB for a year. Needless to say, my main position has always been RB.

VYPE: During this offseason, throughout COVID, how did you stay sharp and prepare for the upcoming season?

BJ: Champs Sports X Eastbay #NeverNotAnAthlete challenge helped a lot with staying in shape because I had to constantly post workout videos. In addition to that, I ran hills, and had multiple training sessions.

VYPE: What is your biggest strength as an RB? What do you need to improve the most?

BJ: My biggest strength as a RB is that I am hungry to get in the end zone by any means necessary. As for improvement, I am working on being more vocal throughout the game.

VYPE: If you were able to go pro in any spot besides football, what would it be and why?

BJ: If I had another choice aside from football, I'd choose soccer. Growing up I loved playing soccer, and I still have love for it till this day.

VYPE: What is your favorite subject in school?

BJ: My favorite subject is History. I love History because there's always something you can learn from the past and apply to the present.

VYPE: In your opinion, what is the best play you've ever made in your career?

BJ: In my opinion, the best play of my career so far would be the 91-yard touchdown I had against Hebron.

VYPE: Tell us about the Guyer team: Who is the most underrated player? Who is the team clown? The biggest hype man?

BJ: I'd have to say that Marquan Pope is probably the most underrated player on the team. He brings a lot to our defense that not everyone sees. For team clown, I'd say it is Ty Alridge. He says the most random things at the weirdest times. For hype man, it varies day to day.

VYPE: If you could give your younger self any advice, football or life, what would it be?

BJ: The advice I'd give my younger self is to stay patient, faithful, open-minded, and hungry.

VYPE: Lastly, what moment from this season will you remember for the rest of your life?

BJ: It would probably be the halftime speech Coach Webb gave the team during the McKinney Boyd game. To sum it up, he said "We're getting our butts kicked and we're playing like we like it. I need someone to be a special player this next half. At the end of the night, players gotta play and ballers gotta ball."