Naaman Forest junior Kingsley Bennett was made for football

Naaman Forest junior Kingsley Bennett was made for football (Copyright (c) 2020 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Football is in his blood.

Naaman Forest junior running back Kingsley Bennett has been around the game his entire life, and now, he's starting to show out on the field. Bennett led the Rangers in 2020 with 920 rushing yards on only 120 carries (7.7 ypc) in 8 games this season (115 ypg).

He also was the winner of VYPE DFW's Football Player of the Week Fan Poll in Week 10 after his 148-yard, 1 TD game against North Garland.

Bennett answered some questions about his beginnings, his future and personal life below. Check it out:

VYPE: Tell us how you got your start playing football? When did it become a passion of yours?

KB: I started playing football by watching my uncle play in the NFL. My dad played college football so it was already in my blood and I became more and more attached to the game than I thought I would be. I started to play at 7 years old and never looked back. I never played flag, I went straight into tackle. My first year was when everyone realized how good I could be. I had 14 touchdowns my first seasons. When I really realized that I loved this game was when I started to train day and night and started to see progress. It became like a routine and not just something to do. I started to love it more and more and it became a part of me.

VYPE: On the field, what do you think is your greatest asset? What sets you apart from other backs?

KB: I feel that my greatest assets are my speed and change of direction and the ability to see something when it's not there. I feel that is what separates me from everyone because with those things I am able to help my team and make things happen when we need them.

VYPE: What about off the field?

KB: Off the field I try to stay more to myself and focus on school and family. I really just do what I need to do in school and keep my grades up because I know those are very important. I also stay away from trouble as much as possible because I know that can hurt me and my team also.

VYPE: Outside of football, what are your favorite hobbies?

KB: Some of my favorite hobbies outside of football are things like playing video games with my teammates or just chillin' or hanging out with my family.

VYPE: Unfortunately, NF's playoff run was cut short in the first round this year. How will you prepare this offseason to take the Rangers even further next season? What does the team need to do to be better?

KB: I feel that we had a great season. We over came a lot and I feel we played great in that game but just came up sort because of simple mistakes, but that's just part of the game. I'm just goin to learn from it as much as possible and try my best to help my team get there and win it next year. This offseason I'm goin to work even harder so I can make sure I'm to my best ability and that I can help my team next year in the best way. I also think our team just needs to do what we have been doing and we will be just fine. Just trust the process and we will all get better over time.

VYPE: What is your favorite subject in school and why?

KB: My favorite subject in school is U.S. history. I really like it this year because I like to read about history and how everything was made and how everything has changed and what others went through in that time.

VYPE: In your athletic career, who has taught you the most?

KB: In my athletic career my dad has taught me the most. He's taught me all the things I know about football. He has trained me since I was little and I really thank him for that. He always pushes me to be my best and I feel that's why I am the player I am today. Since I was little he always told me "just be you" and play like you don't worry about anything else and I have stuck with that and had lots of success with it.

VYPE: On Naaman Forest, which player would you say is the funniest? Who is the best dancer?

KB: The funniest person on the team I would say would have to be out of Ja'hari or Brison. I don't know what to say about them, they be making everybody laugh in the locker room and you can never be mad around them because they gonna make you laugh. The best dancer...ima have to say Ky. He's the only one that really be dancing every practice.

VYPE: Give us your favorite sports memory of all time, either as a player, or as a fan.

KB: My favorite memory would have to be when I had 4 touchdowns against Lake View to secure a playoff spot (in 2019). That game was very important and very memorable to me because all my teammates that were seniors deserved to go to the playoffs and they played hard all year. It was a great game.

VYPE: Lastly, what is one thing from this season that you'll take with you for the rest of your life?

KB: One memory from the season I will always remember playin with my boys. Man it was a great season and I wouldn't want any other teammates. I will always remember this season.