Player to Watch: Second Baptist School's Bryce Ganious

Player to Watch: Second Baptist School's Bryce Ganious
Player to Watch: Second Baptist School's Bryce Ganious (Copyright (c) 2020 VYPE - All rights reserved)

HOUSTON – Bryce Ganious is from Houston, but that's not where the Villanova commit currently lives according to his Twitter account.

In fact, the Second Baptist School lineman's current location of residence is "Pancake Parade/Sack Suburbs" – a fitting address for one of the area's top defensive and offensive linemen.

"My approach to the game is to be the best I can be," Ganious '21 said. "I'm trying to dominate every single play that I can. Whenever I get on the field, nobody's going to be better than me."

Turn on his game film and that's what you see, over and over again.

In the first play, he blows through the right guard, then takes down the running back to then get to the quarterback, who Ganious then spins around to the ground for the sack.

The next play was a spin move on the lineman to get past him and sack the quarterback. And the next one was a bull rush where he pushed the offensive lineman straight back into the quarterback for a sack.

It's no surprise that Bryce Ganious will head to Villanova next season.

"I'm really grateful for the chance [to play after high school]," says Ganious.

For Ganious, his story started with his family; he always watched football with his dad along with his two older siblings.

Ganious is the youngest child in his family. "I'm the baby, but I'm the biggest," Ganious said with a laugh.

Ganious plays both sides of the ball and was recruited by colleges for both offense and defense. For the senior, Ganious likes the defensive side of the ball the most.

Looking at the NFL, Ganious admires players such as Los Angeles Rams' star Aaron Donald, Philadelphia Eagles' Fletcher Cox, Cincinnati Bengals' Geno Atkins and Gerald McCoy.

Ganious watches them the most and picks up little techniques from the professional athletes.

"I love watching their get-offs," he said. "That's one thing I always focus on. I focus on get-offs, their hands, technique and how fast they can read the plays. I see myself as a mini Aaron Donald."

In the summer, Ganious spent time watching film of his favorite NFL players mentioned and also of NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp.

"I was working with a defensive line coach from Michigan State Kevin Vickerson this summer; he taught me a lot," he said. "I was also working with my trainer Doug Smith. They prepared me for this football season"

So, what's Ganious' favorite part of playing on the defensive line?

"My favorite part is the sack. I love it," he said with a smile. "The offensive line will say, 'Where did he come from?'"

As he wraps up his high school career and looks towards college playing at Villanova, Ganious pictures himself in the NFL one day, hopefully being as dominant, or better than, Aaron Donald.

Turn on the game film and see that Ganious has the drive to do just that.