Area Schools Ran Away with Cross Country Honors!

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The 2020 Cross Country Season has officially ended, and we are so proud of our San Antonio area teams and runners that competed this past week at the State Championship meet. While many students were enjoying the holiday break, multiple athletes were mentally and physically preparing for the end of the season! We were live at the races to experience the great results!

Boerne Champion Girls team walks away State Champions once again! The boys team took to the course strong as well earning a Runner-up title! Also earning a team spot on the podium was San Antonio Cole girls team with a third place overall in the 3A division!

Finley Hunting from San Antonio Cole finished 2nd overall in the 3A girls division. Anastacia Gonzales (5A) from Boerne Champion and Wyatt Hoover (3A) from Poth, also found their way on to the podium with 3rd place overall finishes.

Here are some other top finishers from the area:

Taylor Grona (4A)- Fredericksburg High School- 4th

Foster Wilfong (5A)- Boerne Champion- 4th

Amalie Mills (6A)- Smithson Valley- 5th

Taj Lee (6A)- San Antonio Johnson- 7th

Sara Scott (6A)- Smithson Valley- 9th

Zoe Carter (4A)- Navarro High School-

Kate Williams (5A)-Boerne Champion- 10th

Kennady Fontenot (6A)- New Braunfels High School- 11th

Audrey Veleskey (3A)- San Antonio Cole- 12th

Alexandria Alcott (3A)- Great Hearts Northern Oaks- 13th

Greg Bollinger (2A)- San Antonio Stacey- 14th

India Warren (3A)- Great Hearts Northern Oaks- 15th

Angel Rodriguez (4A)- Hondo High School- 15th

It was a special race for Smithson Valley Runners as it was their final time competing together. Amalie and Sara had worked together all season and it was a special moment catching up with them after their last race together!

There were a lot of other local runners representing numerous schools that had great seasons and great races! We are so proud of all of you runners on an outstanding 2020 season, and all the work you put into the year!

Hondo Advanced boys team for the first time since 1981

Amalie Mills & Sara Scott -SVHS

Anastacia Gonzales finishing for 3rd

Ethan Feinstein - Alamo Heights

Bandera Girls headed to the Finish

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