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As we get back to the fields of play, let's take a look at what we have to look forward to in Pasadena ISD.

Michael Lomas, Pasadena Football 

The Pasadena Eagles have struggled this season but one of the lead birds in the nest in big back Michael Lomas. The senior can move piles between the tackles and is fleet of foot when he gets to the second and third levels.

Alex Mateo, Pasadena Memorial Football

Everyone needs someone to lean on. Well QB Luke Giron's best body guard and OL Alex Mateo. Mateo anchors the OL, which propels the run-oriented offense. Mateo and his crew are trying to push the Mavs into the postseason.

Gerard Joseph, Dobie Football

Ok, we know how good the Dobie offense is, but what about the defense? The Longhorns have a stud in Gerard Joseph -- a 6-foot-4 defensive end who can get after the QB. Joseph has the length and strength to play at the college level and has already picked up an offer from TSU.

Kendrick Banks, South Houston Football 

Running the show at SOHO is Kendrick Banks, who is a talented dual-threat QB. Banks is dangerous when plays break down with his ability to expend plays outside the pocket. The junior still has the Trojans in the mix for a playoff berth. He can play multiple positions.

Natalie Onozie, Dobie Volleyball 

Natalie Onozie led the Dobie Longhorns to a second-place finish in District 22-6A this season. Dobie fell in the first round put Onozie returns as the centerpiece next season for the Longhorns. She's a tremendous setter and defensive specialist.

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