The Importance of Recovery for Athletes (with Q&A) Presented By Yoga Athletex


Star Volleyball players Logan Lednicky (George Ranch) and Trinity Watts (Liberty University) recently tested their verticals with us when we were able to re-open again due to the pandemic. Both girls have been training with us for over 5 years, through our group strength + conditioning and yoga classes and private training.

Both girls play club volleyball and unfortunately, their season got cut short in March, leaving them to "rest" for over 2 months. The funny thing is when they came in, both claimed to not have been training like normal and were worried of testing low. When they least expected it, they both set NEW PRs! We all stopped and looked again, re-tested, and re-measured just to make sure because of the huge increase in their vertical, both adding 2-3 inches to their last testing. As soon as we confirmed their new verticals, we knew exactly why this happened. They rested. They allowed their bodies to truly recover through our yoga classes.

Volleyball seasons are long and hard on the body. There are no scheduled rest days for months at a time. It is a fun and competitive sport, but it is tough on the body, especially youth female athletes, who are growing and need rest. Recovery is something so important for performance and growth and is often overlooked and left out of training programs. These girls rested and recovered through yoga, and it showed. Rest does not mean being lazy. It means allowing your body to recover each week even through various recovery techniques, to allow the body to come back stronger. We have been saying this for years. LET YOUR BODY RECOVER and you will be a better athlete. The key is making sure you are training hard, but still taking time to recover each week.

At Yoga Athletex, one of our 3 pillars of performance, is RESTORE. We encourage resting and recovery through various training modalities. Rest to us, means you are taking care of your body to come back stronger the next day through techniques we offer such as yoga for athletes, performance breath-work and sports meditation.

Logan touched 10'4.5" and Trinity touched 10" both setting new PR's and making us all so proud! These girls deserve the world through their perseverance, dedication & determination and I cannot tell you how happy I am they were forced to rest to really understand the benefits of it. Being an athlete to most people, means training every single day. That is the case, but there are so many modalities of training that are available and needed. Training your body and training your mind are equally important. Training through yoga, breath-work, and meditation is a great place to start.

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Logan Lednicky, George Ranch HSYoga Athletex


Yoga Athletex: Hoe long have you been practicing/training at Yoga Athletex?

Lednicky: I have been training at Yoga Athletex for a little over a year. I stated coming YAX to increase my vertical but by taking the other yoga mobility classes it has helped me get faster on the court, become more flexible and improve my form.

Yoga Athletex: What benefits have you received since training at Yoga Athletex?

Lednicky: I have increased my vertical at least 4 inches, gotten ride of old knee problems, and increased my endurance.

Yoga Athletex: What is your sport/activity outside of the studio?

Lednicky: I play volleyball.

Yoga Athletex: What is your favorite class at Yoga Athletex and why?

Lednicky: My favorite class is jump training because it targets volleyball specifically. I have gotten so much better at using my power in to jump up rather than out which has helped my on the court when facing big blockers.

Yoga Athletex: Any advice for new people trying out the studio?

Lednicky: At first the classes will seem really hard but don't stop! Just keep going as much as you can and it will get easier over time, and once that happens you can push yourself in the workouts even harder. I started coming YAX to increase my vertical but by taking the other yoga and mobility classes, I have gotten faster on court, increased my flexibility and improved my form.