Baytown Sterling team tennis making history


It just means more for John Tremmel.

The Baytown Sterling tennis coach is currently leading his team to school history, advancing to the Regional Semis in the UIL postseason for team tennis.

What makes it so personal?

Tremmel played tennis at Sterling High School. So did his sister. So did his wife.

"It's a whole different experience to coach the school you used to play for," he said. "Being from Baytown and playing for Sterling makes it easy to get up in the morning and coach these kids. It's Sterling pride. It's just a different attachment and I feel like I'm paying it forward."

So, who is carrying the baton for Sterling in 2020?

Cody Love and John TremmelBy Lily Cox

On the boys' side are Brian Ward, Steven Mauro and Cameron Pequeno. The girls headliners are Abigail Vincent, Caroline Wells and Crystal Smith.

"We are senior and junior-heavy team, who have great experience," he said. "I could tell their freshman year that this group was pretty special. For two years, our freshman teams were district champs. I've never had back-to-back groups who dominated like they did as freshman."

The top core players have created a new culture.

"Those kids are elevating everyone's play," he said. "The take lessons outside of school and play in outside tournaments as well. If one plays, they all do."

The Rangers face A&M Consolidated with hopes of reaching the Regional Semis.