Running point with Concordia Lutheran's Mueller Presented by Athlete Training + Health

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Freshmen can be freshmen, am I right?

Two years ago, Concordia Lutheran coach Matt Neidigk pulled up a freshman to start on varsity… at point guard of all positions.

Maddie Mueller is now a two-time, first-team, all-district player who can now look back and laugh at this sequence.

"It was difficult playing with all the older girls," she laughed. "I didn't feel like I could really tell them what do to.

"Coach is yelling at me from the bench, 'open your mouth, open your mouth,'" she said. "I literally looked at him and opened my mouth. I didn't realize he was meaning for me to be more vocal on the court. He just looked at me in disbelief."

So, now an accomplished hooper, what would she tell her freshman self?