STAY IN THE GAME: Injury Prevention and Treatment presented by Texas R.I.C.H.


With basketball season around the corner, injury prevention and treatment is particularly important for staying in the game and maintaining your health. It is imperative that athletes keep their body in top shape and take care of themselves through injuries and recurring problems, while also preventing injury onsets. Some of the most common basketball injuries that one may experience include: ankle sprains and rolls, muscle strains, knee injuries, jammed fingers, and tendonitis. Maintenance and treatment of the above listed conditions, along with others, is highly recommended and crucial to ensure performance longevity in the sport.

Dr. Lisa Patel DC, CCSP, is a sports-certified chiropractor that has treated a number of sport-related injuries. Treatment protocols per condition are specifically tailored to each individual depending on injury presentation. Proper care and halting the progression of symptoms will not only address the problem early on, but will also prevent long term complications associated with the condition. Through diagnosing, therapeutic taping, electric stimulation, therapy exercises, Graston technique, and many more modalities, we at Texas R.I.C.H. will get you back to competing on the court pain-free.


As a small business, our objective will always be patient-centered to ensure optimal health and safety. We will take the necessary time and measures to ensure that your condition is treated effectively, efficiently, and professionally. For more information on any injury you may have, including injuries not listed above, check out Texas R.I.C.H. at www.texasrich2020.com.