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    JJ Watt on trade rumors: My goal is still to bring a championship to Houston

    HOUSTON – As an NFL deadline looms, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt downplayed rumors Wednesday of his being traded.

    It was an article in The Athletic that started the buzz of Watt’s possible departure via a trade to the New Orleans Saints.

    Watt told reporters that he is still focused on the goal he has had since he joined the Texans in 2011.

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    “My goal since I got here was to bring a championship to the city of Houston,” Watt said. “That remains my goal until the day I’m not a Houston Texan anymore. That will always be my goal. So, that’s what I’m working towards. That’s what I’m working towards today, and that’s what I’m working towards tomorrow.”

    Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson also minimized the trade chatter.

    “Nobody’s going anywhere,” Watson told reporters. “We’re going to stick with this team and keep pushing forward.”

    The Texans must make their trade decisions by Nov. 3.

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