The 411: Second Baptist School's Julia Sauvageau

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Right at the beginning of the 2020 season, VYPE ventured out to Second Baptist School to catch up with some of the Eagles!

VYPE's Joshua Koch sat down with Julia Sauvageau, a junior on the Second Baptist School volleyball team, to talk about the upcoming year and more.

VYPE: What did you all learn from last season?

Sauvageau: "I think we all learned how to work together and play as a team, because as things got harder through the year we had to depend on each other."

VYPE: As you push into your junior year, do you feel yourself taking on more of a leadership role as you become an upperclassman?

Sauvageau: "I feel like helping the underclassmen really helps them do better on the court. Giving everyone encouragement is also awesome."

VYPE: What do you enjoy the most about attending Second Baptist School?


"I feel like the level of academics pushes you to a higher standard. The sports here are really encouraging and always fun to play."

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