VYPE U: F-I-G-H-T, Fight!

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The Brookshire Royal Falcons football team won their first home game of the season 23-6 over Northeast High School on Friday, October 2nd.

The crowd loved the game and, along with the cheerleaders, cheered the boys on their path to a win. Despite the pandemic there was a lot of participation from the crowd, though everyone did follow the COVID-19 guidelines and wore their masks. The new restrictions didn't stop the crowds spirit or their participation throughout the game.

"It was a fantastic way to spend our first home game," Susan Ramos, a senior varsity cheerleader, said.

This game was the second game of the Falcon's football season, and it was definitely a turn around from their first game, a 41-0 loss to Boling. This win shows great promise for the start of district play. The football players are working hard, and they are more united than ever.

"We love each other like brothers," Gustavo Infante, a freshman varsity football player said.

The coaches have been emphasizing team unity along with their hard core practice regimen. The players are always encouraged to support each other as that brings out the best in themselves. "The coaches always tell us to fight as a family," Mauricio Diaz, a freshman varsity football player said.

The football players fight alright, they fight united on the field against their opponent, they fight towards victory, and they fought on Friday, winning their first home game of the season.

The cheerleaders had it right when they cheered the football players on to "F-I-G-H-T, Fight!".