VYPE Houston Viral Plays of the Week! (Oct. 1-3)

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Everyone has a phone out at a game. Either people are checking their messages or texting someone or in most instances recording the action on the field.

In a single moment your eyes go wide as the play that is happening on the field is wowing the crowd and you have caught it all on film! So, what do you do now?

Post it, of course! Each week VYPE will scour social media to see what plays went VIRAL! If you think you have the next VYPE Viral Play of the Week, tag @vypehouston on Twitter!

Here are this week's selections!

Joseph Manjack IV - GET UP!! 

Going for a two-point conversion against Beaumont West Brook, this fade pass by Colton Marwill into the back corner of the end zone was perfect! Manjack went up and ripped this ball out of the sky over a defender. That is not an easy grab.

Splendora Kickoff Trickeration! 

So, most teams aren't ready for a trick play on the opening kickoff of a game! How about this play from Splendora's win on Friday. Harrison Facundo, the quarterback, fields the kick. Then he throws it back to Jagger Kennedy across the field, a wide receiver, who is off to the races and gone for the kickoff return for a touchdown. What a play! Also, note the coach at the bottom of the video racing down the sideline in celebration!!

Overtime Thriller! 

Trailing 16-13 in overtime, what does Baytown Sterling do? Take a shot for the back corner of the end zone and over two defenders and hit Trinity Oliver for the game-winning touchdown! And of course the team went bonkers rushing the field after the victory!


What a way to start the season for the John Cooper School Dragons. Jake Peterson reads this play perfectly as he is in the right spot and returns it 15 yards for the touchdown. Defense gets the first score of the year for the Dragons!