Why the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal is costing Tim Tebow his jersey number


HOUSTON – New York Mets’ minor league player Tim Tebow was invited to spring training but he isn’t repping the same number on his jersey that he used to.

Upon arriving in New York as their manager, Carlos Beltran reclaimed the No. 15 jersey, also worn by Tebow in the team’s minor league.

Beltran resigned from his position in January due to his involvement with the Astros’ cheating scheme, but the No. 15 is still unavailable. Given the awkward situation, the Mets are steering clear of the number.

Because No. 15 won’t be reissued this spring, Tebow will sport the No. 85 instead.

“I like No. 15 a lot, but I totally get it,” Tebow said, according to the New York Post.

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