These Texans ‘fortunate fans’ haven’t missed a single game in 5 years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In the world of sports--- there are super fans and there are the “fortunate fans.”

Meet Thomas Irby and his wife Pamela. They call themselves the fortunate fans of the Texans, and it’s clear why once you step into their Spring home, which is filled to the brim with Texans paraphernalia.

“We’ve got all of these jerseys that are signed,” said Pamela Irby, showing off a drawer full of jerseys.

Among the couple’s display after multiple pairs of Texans boots, helmets a signed picture of JJ Watt and a pair of gloves DeAndre Hopkins threw signed and threw to Pamela Irby.

The Irbys are dedicated fans who have not missed a single game (home or away) …in five years.

The couple is part of the Facebook group “Traveling Texans,” who make sure the team never plays a game without their fans cheering them on in the stands.

“You do kinda get into some of those cities where you feel a little awkward walking around wearing Texans gear,” Pamela Irby said. “But when you see other Texans across the street or you meet up at a restaurant, it’s really cool to kind of feel that bond.”

There is an itinerary posted on the page by the couple for the more than 200 Texans fans traveling to Kansas City this weekend to watch the Texans take on the Chiefs.

“(The fans) have that southern hospitality. That amazing Texans spirit,” Pamela Irby said. “You get a group of people like that together you are going to have a great time.”