Here’s what fans who actually heard back from J.J. Watt are saying


HOUSTON – Fans of J.J Watt are reacting to having the opportunity to text the Texans star after Watt posted a phone number on his social media accounts encouraging fans to text him.

Watt explained in a video that it is a way for him to connect directly with fans.

Here's what fans are saying:

"I love the fact that he values his fans enough to want to allow us to contact him directly," wrote fan Kat Reyna on Facebook.

"I think you're crazy for this but at the same time it's really cool!" wrote fan Lorissa Broussard Yothers on Facebook. "Maybe I will try to see what happens 😜 total fan either way!"

Some fans have been fortunate enough to get a response.

Meanwhile, some fans have decided not to bother.

"I won't text you because you will have a million texts," wrote fan Leslie Driver on Twitter. "But...love you JJ!!!"

"Didn't text for fear of my message just getting lost in the thousands," wrote fan Terri Meeks on Twitter. "Thank you for all you do, Houston loves you JJ."

Watt said he has replied to hundreds of messages and has over 25,000 texts still in his inbox.

You can text Watt at 262-404-3664.

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