RANT: Nationals had all week to come up with an insult for the Astros and that's all they managed?


HOUSTON – We've heard it a billion times. 

Five words — or variations of them — that make up one of the dumbest Houston cliches of all time. 

"Houston, we have a problem." 

Honestly, the only problem we have is that people keep using this boring, misquoted cliche thinking it's a zinger. Truth is, most Houstonians will just roll their eyes in response. 

So of course, we're not really surprised that national media outlets keep using the phrase as they preview Game 1 of the World Series. But seriously. Y'all need to find something new to say. 

The Washington Nationals had a message for the Astros. "Houston, you've got a problem." 



We have to agree with @Astroholic on Twitter who said, "I'm still amazed that the @Nationals media guy had a week to come up with a tweet and he went with 'Houston, you have a problem.'"




Of course, others around the country posted that *REALLY* original message for Houston as well. 

One among those to jump on the bandwagon was MSNBC's Chuck Todd when he went on his show, Meet the Press to say just that. 



KPRC's Assistant News Director Aaron Wische said what we're all thinking. 

"If that's all you got, then I'm sad for you." 



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