Astros top post game quotes after ALCS Game 3 win

Bronx, NY – Here are some of the top post game quotes from the Astros following their 4-1 ALCS Game 3 win over the Yankees.  

We will keep you posted on the status of Game 4 with the weather situation expected here in the NYC area around mid-afternoon.


Q. AJ defined your pitching philosophy as letting starters go deep into a game as old school. How does it kind of feel being part of a rotation that you're obviously expected to go deep as opposed to the Yankees where maybe they're putting their bullpen in a little bit later?

GERRIT COLE: Yeah, the Yankees have some fantastic starters. They just ran into the injury bug a
little bit, where they haven't really been able to stretch out Seve or Pax quite like they did. Let's not sell out Tanaka's outing short in Game 1; that was fabulous. I just feel really blessed to be here. I was here last year with two Cy Young Award winners, and I was sandwiched in between their lockers. And then towards the end of the year, Greinke likes his space so he's down on the corner, I don't get sandwiched in between two, but we still have two Cy Young Award winners and an MVP on the pitching staff two years in a row. Geez, what a fortunate position for me to be in. There's so many opportunities to learn. I just feel real blessed.


Q. What is it about the postseason that gets you going? You've hit in 12 straight games going back to 2018. Is it just something about the postseason that just amps you up a little bit more? 

JOSE ALTUVE: I don't know. I think I get ready and I prepare myself the same way I do for a normal game. We know in this case the games are more important and more intense. People, the fans, they get into the game maybe more. And maybe that's why. I'm not trying to do anything different, I am just trying to be the player I am, put the ball in play and get on base and steal some bases and in the end score some runs to help my team.


Q. How would you describe what Cole was able to do tonight at Yankee Stadium in a swing game, to constantly be in trouble, load the bases in the first inning, and constantly get out of everything?

AJ HINCH: It's a lot of what I've seen this entire year. He's exceptional. And he gets better and better and better. I actually think the beginning of the game he had a hard time finding his stuff and finding his tempo, his rhythm. He was still getting through his outing, made some really big pitches, had some pressure on him. 

Then once he found his curve ball it was pretty lights out. I think he finished his outing as strong as ever. And he was able to manage his game at the beginning of the game and avoid the bad pitch. He had a couple of walks that -- they're not all bad walks. He kind of knows what he's doing out there and how to navigate around certain things. But a big night and clearly our team really does respond when we know he's pitching.