This is how many states are rooting for the Astros this postseason


HOUSTON – Seven states are pulling for the Houston Astros during the Major League Baseball playoffs, according to a map put together by Sports Insider.

The states are: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

The map is based on Twitter data from over 100,000 fan tweets which included specific hashtags and a geo-tagged location.

The hashtags considered were those used by fans during playoff games such as #TakeItBack, #NextManUp and #LABleedsBlue.

The top three teams with the most support across the country are the Dodgers, the Yankees and the Astros.

Here's the breakdown how many states are supporting each team:

1.) Dodgers; 15 states

2.) Yankees; 12 states

3.) Astros; 7 states

4.) Braves; 5 states

5.) Twins; 4 states

6.) Cardinals; 3 states

7.) Nationals; 3 states

8.) Rays; 1 state

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