Vince Young shares thoughts on being inducted, Longhorns, Texans

HOUSTON – Vince Young is back in Houston and stopped by the KPRC 2 studio to talk with sports reporter Lainie Fritz. 

Young said he is looking forward to getting involved within the Houston community and has partnered with the Ronald McDonald House to find programs to support that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. Young is also planning to host his first jamboree with several Houston-area football teams at the end of August. 

“Let’s start the season off right sportswise, as well as schoolwise. A fun day in the park where everybody can hang out and have a good time,” he said. 

Young has had 6,040 yards passing, 3,127 yards rushing, 81 total touchdowns and an immaculate 30-2 record. Because of those numbers, Young will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame on Dec. 10. 

He said this opportunity is a “blessing” and the people know about his bigger moments, such as the Rose Bowl. He said they really “don’t know how much hard work behind the scenes it took me to get to this point where I am at today. My coaches, my teammates, everybody had a hand in getting me to that College Hall of Fame.” 

Young shared his thoughts about University of Texas starting quarterback Sam Ehlinger and how he reminds him of himself. 

“He has that ‘it’ factor, that V.Y., you know, silliness. The guys are feeding around (him)” Young said. 

Ehlinger has accumulated 3,292 yards passing, 482 yards rushing and a total of 41 touchdowns in his 2018 campaign. 

As a self-proclaimed “Titans guy,” Young still has love for his hometown team. 

Whenever he passes Deshaun Watson, he tells him that he’s “very proud of him” and to “keep up the good work.” 

Young also had high praise for Texans’ wide receiver Deandre Hopkins. He said that if he and Hopkins would have played together, they would have been a dominant duo.