Shibuya Crossing: What you need to know about Tokyo's most chaotic intersection

TOKYO – At every hour of the day, it's a sprawling scramble. The moment the walk sign lights up, it's go time for thousands of pedestrians, all moving in different directions.

Welcome to Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo's iconic intersection and the most famous intersection in the world.

Situated right outside Shibuya Station and surrounded by massive TV screens, tall buildings and endless flashing lights, Shibuya Crossing is a must-see in Tokyo. It's a favorite among tourists and those with a knack for Tokyo's city life.

At any given time, 3,000 people can be seen crossing the intersection at once. On a busy Saturday or Sunday, up to 40,000 people cross in a single day. It's a scene of controlled chaos, one worth visiting in Tokyo. 

Shibuya Crossing is also a popular spot for movies shot in Tokyo, like "Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift." It's also a hot spot for photographers anxious to capture the shuffle that is the Shibuya way. 

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