Covington continues long involvement with Sunshine Kids

Former Texans DL says the Sunshine Kids mean the world to him


HOUSTON – Christian Covington may have signed with the Cowboys in the offseason, but Houston's been his home since his days playing football at Rice. It was at Rice when Covington first began his relationship with the Sunshine Kids and it's a relationship that will remain regardless of his NFL address.

"I really noticed the impact these kids had on me once I left Rice," Covington said. 

"Once I was able to venture out and have more free time to spend with different charities and different families and groups, this is a group that has always had a hold on my heart and these kids are that reason.

Covington hosted his 4th annual "training camp" for the Sunshine Kids on Wednesday morning in Houston. 

"This organization is absolutely wonderful, the things they do for the kids and the events they hold for the kids, it just actually lets them be a kid for a little while and forget all the stuff that they;ve gone through," said Amy Dawson, whose son Alden has been involved with the Sunshine Kids for several years.

"Christian is absolutely wonderful. So sweet, so nice, down to earth," Dawson continued.

"Truly loves the kids. He keeps up with them, he's involved in what they are involved in, checks up with them and his family the same. "His mom is constantly checking in to see how my kid is doing. They've just wonderful.

"This means a lot to him."

Covington ran routes with the kids, young and old, caught passes from them, even did pushups with the resting on his back.

"I'm not going anywhere, it's going to take a lot of things for my to leave an organization such as the Sunshine Kids," Covington added.

"They're stuck with me for life."