'Kate Upton' Astros sweater update

Where you can get the rainbow throwback right now

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HOUSTON – As the Astros sharpen their skills at spring training, fans are preparing their closets to rep their team for a #TakeItBack season.

One of the most popular pieces of Astros gear from the past two seasons is the throwback rainbow sweater.

The sweater was an addition to the official Astros uniform in the late 1970s and into the 1980s. It was designed to keep players warm in the cold Astrodome.

It saw a triumphant resurgence during the Astros 2017 World Series run when Kate Upton was seen wearing it as she cheered on her now-husband, Justin Verlander.

VIDEO: How the Kate Upton sweater made it from the Astrodome to stores

Fans went crazy over it, and the businesses who sell it have had trouble just keeping it in stock.

KPRC2 has been tracking the sweater craze since the very beginning.