Man's pet monkey goes bananas for Astros

Sophie the monkey LOVES the Astros!

Photo: Pat Hales
Photo: Pat Hales

COLLEGE STATION – A College Station man has a pet monkey, and that monkey loves the Astros just as much as he does -- maybe even more.

Pat Hales has was born in Pasadena and has been a loyal Astros fan all his life. He still drives to Houston to catch games at Minute Maid Park, but he also watches a lot of games on TV at his home in College Station. That's how he discovered that Sophie (a 6-month-old vervet monkey) was a big Astros fan, too.

Sophie loves to watch Astros games with him. She is fascinated by the ball zipping around on screen, and sometimes she even gets close to the TV and tries to grab the ball.

Just like all true fans, Sophie likes to rep her favorite team by wearing her fan gear. Hales said she loves to wear her 'Stros attire!

Hales says Sophie even has some Astros-like qualities about her. He said she reminds him of Jose Altuve -- tiny but powerful. He said she has great hands and is very quick, just like our American League MVP!

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