James Harden's ankle-breaking crossover highlight you don't want to miss

(Getty Images)

HOUSTON – James Harden is the NBA's front-runner for Most Valuable Player this season, and he put on a show in his hometown of Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

The Rockets beat the Clippers 105-92.

Harden finished the game with 25 points and seven assists in 33 minutes.

The highlight of the night came when Harden put Wesley Johnson on skates in the first half.

Harden was dribbling in the middle of the court, just outside the 3-point line, when he started a hard drive to his left.

Johnson backpedaled to try to stay in front of Harden, but The Beard decided to stop and pull back, putting Johnson on his backside.

Harden stared at Johnson and drained the 3-pointer to cap off the play.

The team put together a tweet to commemorate the highlight.