WATCH: The funniest moments from the 2018 Winter Olympics


The Olympics are a bi-annual reminder that the planet is filled with a plethora of ridiculously talented and athletic people.

But it's also a fantastic reminder that sports are supposed to be FUN.

For all intents and purposes, most of the athletes competing in the Olympics are kids and on the world's biggest stage, kids just wanna have fun.

Here are some of the "funnest" moments from the PyeongChang winter games:

Walkie-talkie man

Flashback to early in the PyeongChang Games, when a walkie talkie broke loose and started cascading down the mountain. A courageous race official tried to play hero and secure the runaway radio only to fail again and again.

The nutty squirrel

Every Olympic athlete has endured a slew of sacrifices just to get to PyeongChang and one squirrel showed it has what it takes to succeed, risking life and limb in an effort to medal in snowboarding. The squirrel's internal compass failed it, however, leaving him/her dashing parallel to the parallel giant slalom finish line.

Figure skater does his best Tom Brady impression

So many moments hit fans directly in the feels during the 2018 Winter Games, but there may be no more relatable moment than when Italian figure skater Ondrej Hotarek was caught hanging, Tom Brady style

Look at Hotarek's eyes. It's a slo-mo glimpse into the exact moment a man dies inside. 

The Mustache Heard 'Round the World

Robert Johansson is suddenly a household name thanks to his luscious, phenomenal mustache, which he rode to a gold medal in the large hill team event in ski jumping.


Curling was the breakout sport during the PyeongChang Games and during one of the earliest curling competitions, Canada's Kaitlyn Lawes accidentally threw the wrong rock.

Come for the reaction (Lawes goes full Canadian and apologizes six times in less than 90 seconds), but stay for the incredible broadcasting explaining what is happening.

The most adorable moment in PyeongChang

Anybody with a sibling can relate to these adorable figure skating sweepers killing time in the cutest way possible.


What do athletes do during their down time in between Olympic competition? Match with each other, of course.


Get you somebody that looks at you the way this ref looks at the puck.


When you're a veteran of a record-setting eight Winter Olympics like Japanese ski jumper Noriaki Kasai, you find unique ways to kill time before a big event.

The ultimate underdog

When Ester Ledecka stunned the world and took home gold in the women's super-G by just .01 seconds, nobody was more shocked than she.

That's why the snowboarder/skier (who later won gold in the women's parallel giant slalom) kept her ski goggles on at her post-race press conference. 

"I wasn't prepared to be at the ceremony and I don't have makeup on," Ledecka said in maybe the best post-race presser of the PyeongChang Games.

Sign that man up

The real winner of the USA-Czech Republic quarterfinals game was the fan making a smooth catch of a runaway puck. 

Gotta be the highlight of this dude's life.

Channeling Kristen Wiig

As USA skier Devin Logan finished up her slopestyle qualifying run, she ripped off her glove to confuse viewers worldwide.

That's some awesome foresight by Logan, planning ahead to pay homage to Kristen Wiig's SNL skit.

Shut up and dance

Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall provided the U.S. with the best moment of the Olympics and to celebrate, the Cross-Country duo danced on the podium as they received their gold medals (the first-ever cross-country medal for Team USA).

Going full 'Hunger Games'

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir brought hundreds of pounds of sparkles and glitter to PyeongChang packed into more than a dozen suitcases each. And with all those dazzling outfits, Johnny wound up going full "Hunger Games" at one point, dropping his best Cesar Flickerman impression.

And just for funsies, here's how it would look if Michael Scott was a bobsled pilot: