The definitive ranking of Norway's Olympic curling pants

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Fun fact – Norway’s curling team brought 11 different pairs of pants to the PyeongChang Games. A new design for each game, with two extra in case the team made it to the semifinals and medal rounds.

Norway has become known over the years for their bright and colorful pants, which are probably more popular than the team’s actual curling skills.

But which pair of pants are the best? During the PyeongChang games we saw a holiday themed pair, intense polka dots, Hawaiian flowers, fireworks, and a lovely paisley print, among others. Even though Norway struggled on the ice, failing to make the semifinals, their britches have all been winners. But in the Olympic spirit, one pair must be the best. With that in mind, here are Norway’s best pants, from worst to best.

First, the ground rules. Pants will be ranked on the following criteria:

  • Creativity – it has to be a pair of pants no one else would think to create (or wear, let's be honest).
  • Design – how pretty are they?
  • How well the pair goes with the shirt – this is important.  Pretty pants are only perfect pretty pants when they pair well with a pretty shirt. This is the No. 1 rule of fashion.
  • National pride – Norway’s flag is red, white and blue, and since the pants are technically the national team’s uniforms, they should represent the country well.
  • The rankings:

    Ninth place – large polka dots