6 crazy Astros items on eBay


HOUSTON – Even before the World Series, you could find thousands of Astros items on eBay at any given time. But in the days since the team won the World Series, the number has skyrocketed past 30,000. And some of the offerings are, well, shall we say, interesting. 

Rally towel and nut

We have a feeling the seller is having a bit of fun with this one. The starting bid is $5,000 and there is a "Buy It Now" option set for $10,000. No matter whether he’s joking, the seller has a convincing synopsis describing how this “lucky” rally towel and nut may have been responsible for the Astros' epic comeback in Game 5 of the World Series. He said when the Astros were down, he rubbed the nut and towel together and they scored immediately. The Astros did win, so, who are we to judge?

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$2,195 tumbler travel mug

OK. We’re sort of wondering if this was a mistake, but it sure caught our eye. The stainless steel 16-ounce tumbler is one of the highest-priced Astros items on the auction site. The synopsis doesn't say anything about it belonging to any player, past or present. It doesn't appear that anyone famous drank out of it or even touched it. It sure is pretty, though.

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The sweater

Kate Upton wore it to two post-season games. We did a few stories about it. Then, all heck broke loose. A lucky few have gotten their hands on the coveted Mitchell & Ness garment. But everyone else who has been drooling over it is either on wait lists (a local store has a wait list with 205 names) or spends hours obsessively searching eBay. As of Wednesday morning, there were seven sweaters on the auction site. The prices ranged from $207 to $750.

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Baseball is coming

There are currently eight different listings for a Game of Thrones-themed Chris Devenski bobblehead on eBay. At first sight, this was a head-scratcher. However, after some critical thinking and a quick Google search, we put it together. The pitcher’s nickname is "Dragon," hence the Game of Thrones theme. This bobblehead was a fan giveaway back in June, and it was a big hit. The eBay prices reflect that. The current listings range from $125 to $250.

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Fancy a cigar?

Who knew there was an official World Series humidor? The Astros now have one. There are currently two listings on eBay. One is for $122.95. The other is for $84.95.

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The Astros are lit

This seller has listed a box of light-up message fans for $95. There are a dozen in the box. This gadget apparently flashes the Astros' team logo when you turn it on. I mean, what Astros fan doesn't need this?

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