Not all Houstonians are obsessed with the Astros in the World Series

HOUSTON – Everywhere you look across the Houston area -- from restaurants, other establishments, and homes -- everyone is watching the Astros in the World Series, right?

Well -- not exactly.

Some people have responsibilities, but others like the Arispe family simply have something better to do.

"Really was more interested in taking my kids to go see a kids' film," Jason Arispe said. "Spending time with them and just doing the family thing."

We asked our followers on the Channel 2 Facebook page to tell us what they're doing besides watching the Astros.

Like the Arispes, Joseph Tate was "Watching a movie."

Humberto Campos posted -- "Watching the rockets…baseball is boring, World Series or not."

And Cynthia Wallet says she "Did not watch, but checked on the score."

Many others like Whitney Dodson are pulling for the Astros -- but shopping or running errands took priority.

"I didn't watch them the whole season," Dodson said. "I think I went to two games. It's not that I don't like baseball, but I didn't want to be a bandwagon fan."

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