Texans OL David Quessenberry returns to field after 3-year bout with cancer

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. – The odds were stacked against David Quessenberry and his return to football, but after a long journey and fight with cancer the Texans offensive lineman is back.

“First off, I am fully-cleared, I’m going,“ said Quessenberry after Thursday’s practice. “I’m full-go and it feels amazing. It’s hard to describe.”

Quessenberry’s battle with cancer the past few years is well-documented. Throughout his intensive chemo, and maintenance chemo treatments, he always held out hope he would be back.

Quess is not only back, but thriving and readjusting to the NFL.

“Once I got off of all of that treatment, I just felt my body getting stronger by the day and it was really exciting just to feel that," Quessenberry said. “Every week it was a personal record for me in the weight room. It just came back so fast.”

Head Coach Bill O’Brien has taken notice as well.

“Quess is an unbelievable story. He’s playing well,“ O’Brien said. “That’s a very competitive position when you sit back and think about it. He had a bad form of cancer and was out of the game for three years and had the mental toughness and capacity within himself to get back to where he is right now. I’m not sure you could find a story like that that I’ve ever heard of.”

With Quessenberry back in his No. 77 jersey, his teammates have taken notice. They’ve supported him throughout his battle, and now call him an inspiration.

“Yeah, it’s crazy to hear my teammates say that, but it’s cool,” Quessenberry said. “It’s just the little things like, 'it’s good to see you 77,' that really mean a lot to me.”

O'Brien added the one thing about Quessenberry that he’s impressed with.

“I am surprised at his strength," O’Brien said. “I think that is the true rest for all lineman, not just him, is when the pads go on. But, I’m really surprised at how fast he’s been able to get his strength back.”

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