Let's get rowdy or maybe not

The NFL'S owner meetings closed down a couple of days ago.

They met in an expensive hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz. My experience has told me there are only expensive hotels in that town. The owners never meet in Terre Haute or Clute. They are rich beyond description so I won't try to describe it.

They all will get $50 million bucks each for moving the Raiders. They were offered $200 million to move the city of Oakland. That didn't happen. Something else didn't happen. The owners told their gate keeper to check on the status of celebrations by the league's most visible employees. The players not the refs.

In 2012, the league only threw 3 flags for "excessive celebration". In 2015 it was obvious to most of us the thing was out of control. 20 flags were thrown the celebrating. Last season it became an epidemic. 30 yellows were tossed. Bear in mind the league averages just over 40,000 plays per season so, to me, 30 is next to nothing. Not so to Commish for Life Goodell. He wanted to put the hammer down on those employees having fun. However, something rare happened in the desert. The Commish tabled it so he could "talk to some players". Imagine that.

I am all for having fun and here in Houston we deserve some celebration. Billy "White Shoes" Johnson of Oilers fame was one of the founders of the celebration dance. Now another Houstonian has offered his solution. New Packer Martellus Bennett suggests by Twitter the league should have "celebration training". They could save some money by having the training combine with the NFL'S mascot training. I think I am on to something.