It must be football

It is almost the end of a very long month. 

March has 5 weeks. It includes the NCAA Tourney, NBA tune ups for the playoffs, MLB exhibitons (I think each team plays 200 games), MLS games most of you don't care about, and of course, The Rodeo. However, yesterday I read a transcript from the Texans. Of course it featured about 50 questions put to the guy who coaches the pro team. Bill O'Brien. He avoided talking about Tony Romo because he can't since Tony is still a Cowboy. He said he was "excited" about Tom Savage and Brandon, the other guy who seldom, if ever, plays.

Bill is working hard to be a better coach. If he is trying to be like the Bill he used to work for in New England he has the voyage of a lifetime to travel. The other Bill wouldn't sit still for 50 questions and certainly wouldn't give 3 paragraph answers. It is almost April so Bill and the boys will get together soon for those charming days the league sets aside for teams. You know when the league isn't giving each of the 32 owners 50 million dollars each for moving a team to Las Vegas.

I have a quick word for MLB. Make spring training 3 weeks total and all games 7 innings. I watched the Astros-Cards the other night on TV. I turned it off in the 3rd, did some things around the house, went to the grocery stores, watched a movie, painted the garage, and when i turned the tv back on it was the 5th inning. Yea, the young kids will love watching 5 hour games.